Penny Hydraulics

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Penny Hydraulics

Penny Hydraulics Ltd have invested fairly heavily over the past ten years in new technologies to reduce overheads and fuel spend with great success.  The extended pay-back time was better than most other low risk investments.  Once the decision had been made to invest in solar P.V. we then needed to select a supplier.

We always need to have confidence in any firm to undertake major capital work and West Electrical came highly recommended by our main electrical subcontractor.  Craig conducted a site survey of our premises and drew up a quote for what he saw an optimum system for our needs.  We were also invited to see a current similar system being installed nearby in Sheffield.  I took up this option and was impressed by the quality of the system and of the West Electrical workmanship.  It was re-assuring to see that close attention had been paid to working safely which is vital when working at height.  Following this visit I had no hesitation in placing our order for the system as quoted with the additional “optimisation pack” to increase the functionality and output of the panels as recommended by Craig.

Our installation went exactly to plan and was up and generating in under a week with no interruption to our normal factory working in any way.  We were led through the necessary paperwork and are receiving income from the feed in tariff and also the benefits of using our own electricity even in the winter months.

I do not hesitate to recommend West Electrical as Craig West and his team are extremely professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what they do.

Ashley Holmes, Finance Director, Penny Hydraulics.


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