Proud to Support Blue Bell Wood Children’s Hospice

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Help local children at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice by going green with West Electrical.

West Electrical has supported the charity by installing solar panels to the roof of the hospice building. We are helping the charity with its quest for a cleaner environment with our ‘Bluebell Wood’ offer on solar panels.

£100 will be donated to the charity by West Electrical Energy for each solar panel installation. All the customer needs to do is quote ‘Bluebell Wood’.

Bluebell Wood has not only significantly lowered its electricity bills but also reduced its carbon footprint by installing solar panels. Furthermore, thanks to the governments Feed in Tariff scheme (FiTs) the solar panels provide a tax free and index linked income. The hospice is now encouraging the people of South Yorkshire to do the same with the help of West Electrical.

Sarah Champion, Chief Executive of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice said: “Bluebell Wood has started 2012 by going green. It’s fantastic that people can support local children and their families and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. What a great reason to go green. Bluebell Wood would like to say a special thank you to West Electrical for installing our solar panels.”

You can also get involved with go green with Bluebell Wood by sending in your used stamps, old phones, printer cartridges for recycling.

Collect any unwanted toys or clothes and bag up to take to our shops around the region. All these are an easy way to help local children and the environment.

Craig West, Managing Director of West Electrical Energy said: “West Electrical Energy and all our staff are very proud to be supporters of Blue Bell Wood Hospice. The hospice supports many families in times when most needed. Therefore we are eager to maintaining a close relationship to help them sustain their activities well into the future.”

Visit Bluebell Wood Hospice Website

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